Last stall open, Chongqing, China
A young girl in rural Mongolia eagerly teaching us to draw
A nun during morning prayer time, Tibet
A carpenter at a monastery with his able sidekick, Tibet 
Some metal workers who specialise in creating artworks dedicated to Buddha, Lhasa, Tibet
If you head to Bangladesh, be prepared to become an overnight celebrity, Dhaka
A local boat driver offers rides across the Buriganga River to Sadarghat, the busiest river port in Bangladesh, Dhaka
A Local sugar cane farmer unloading his good on to our moving ferry, Bangladesh
Our brilliant guide MJ on the look out for Royal Bengal Tigers, Sundarbans, India
Taking in the praise after a successful day of tiger spotting, Sundarbans, India
On the way to pray, Varanasi, India
Watching the boats float by on the Ganges, Varanasi, India
Spiritual blessings at low low prices, Varanasi, India
Catching up on the days news in the streets of the blue city, Jodhpur, India
A shopkeeper sleeping on the job, Jodhpur
An ironer at the worlds largest open air laundry, Mumbai, India
Picking tea, Nuwara Elyia, Sri Lanka
A young lad joined us to watch the sunrise, Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia
“Acting tough”, Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia