Into Africa

First stroll in Addis Ababa

It isn’t a leap to say that Africa is a captivating continent, a place that can’t be pigeonholed, as diverse as it is vast, and believe us it’s large, able to fit the US, India, China and most of Europe with a few gaps to fill for good measure. Looking at maps when we were young there was a pull to find out about this huge landmass, get beyond the unfortunate headlines and stereotypes and see what it’s (at least part of it) is like. From desert to verdant green tropical rain forest, man eating lions to the gentle mountain gorillas, the worlds newest nation to the oldest civilizations known to humankind, it is a truly magical place.

After a brief ‘travel hiatus’ spending time with Martina’s family and friends in Switzerland making the most of some bumper snowboarding conditions we’re hitting the road again. We’ve found early the flexibility in Africa is a necessity, with our original plans being somewhat scuppered by civil unrest and protests against high inflation with food and fuel prices surging. The protests turned to government of Sudan, the government, for their part opened fire on demonstrators, resulting in the deaths of at least 25 civilians. With this in mind we decided after some consternation, to cancel our original route of Cairo to Cape Town, with an active “Do Not Travel” warning taking hold for large swathes of Sudan. Our thoughts go out to the citizens of Sudan who are protesting for a not only better future for themselves, but the ability to afford basics like food and gas, and we sincerely hope for a peaceful resolution and to pay a visit at some stage soon.

Our new plan has seen us skip ahead and head to Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. From here we hope to explore the cradle of humanity and it’s incredible highlands, and also visit “Lucy”, our earliest known relative. Not content with only being the birthplace of our bi-pedal ancestors, Ethiopia is also the birthplace of coffee, it’s still up in the air which was more significant. From here we will head South to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, among these countries some of the best wildlife anywhere on earth, on open plains and misty mountains. Continuing south Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia and of course South Africa will all be on the list, and if time and finances permit, the most unique of all, Madagascar. We are sure there will be plenty of amazing tales of the people we come across, new knowledge gained and experiences had. We hope you’ll enjoy following along.

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